Why waterproofing your basement is a valuable home improvement

Basement waterproofing is valuable because it prevents water from entering your basement space. Water can be a major damaging force in any home. In the case that water leakage or condensation build up is not addressed immediately it can affect more than just your home but it may directly affect your health because of potential mold growth. External basement waterproofing involves adding a waterproof membrane to the exterior structure of your basement and interior basement waterproofing involves placing a waterproof membrane from the inside of the basement walls. Here are the benefits of basement waterproofing that makes it a valuable home improvement:

Increase your home’s living space 

A common reason to waterproof your basement is to extend the living space for your home. Some homes primarily use their unfinished basement as a storage area, a gym space, or an entertainment area. However, basement waterproofing is vital when you decide to convert your basement into a livable finished basement. Similar to how the bedrooms in your home have a protective exterior, your basement requires a protective layer to fend against the elements. Basement waterproofing ensures you will not have to worry about mold. 

Improve your health

Excess water or excessive moisture levels in a home can cause mold or mildew to thrive. Mold not only causes damage to your home, but it also has a severe impact on your health, causing allergies, breathing problems, and even respiratory infections . It is vital to note that  mold may grow in concealed corners of your home, where it can be just as hazardous. By lowering the moisture level in your basement by waterproofing it, you may help reduce and avoid mold formation.

Eliminate Musty Smells 

If you have ever noticed that the scent in the air changes when you head down into the basement, this may be a direct indication that there is something wrong in your basement. The smell of  something damp or rotting should prompt you to contact a basement waterproofing contractor to analyze the area and conduct a complete inspection of your home’s drainage system and foundation. Basement waterproofing can remove any concerning smells or prevent them from occurring if done before this issue has a chance to form. 

Prevention of structural damage 

Water seepage through your home’s foundation can cause considerable structural damage by harming the seams and edges where the floors and walls meet. Foundation cracks and buckling of the walls and floors are examples of structural problems that might compromise the structural integrity of your property. The majority of damage occurs behind the scenes and may become severe before you know there is an issue. Effective basement waterproofing will keep excess water away from the seams and edges, preventing major structural damage.

Waterproofing protects your sump pump 

Basement waterproofing keeps your sump pump from overworking. Sump pumps serve as one form of waterproofing as they direct water out of and away from your home. However, if your pump is overwhelmed by the amount of water around your basement it can be overworked and require frequent maintenance. Basement waterproofing can ensure that your sump pump functions correctly with the appropriate amount of water running through it and the waterproofing prevents any dampness or water leaks to your basement area.  

By taking the time to waterproof your basement, you can prevent a range of issues that lead to serious damage, unlivable conditions, and expensive repairs. Basement waterproofing is a valuable home improvement because it can increase your living space and improve your health. Basement waterproofing may not be a visual improvement but it is a preventive improvement that decreases the wear and tear to the basement area of your home and adds overall value.