Why the demand for Louisiana hunting land for sale?

The Northeastern states had the most significant agricultural land values, with densely populated urban areas like Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts making up four of the top five states in terms of average agricultural land values. California rounds off the top five. The Corn Belt, the Great Lakes region, the Southeast, and the Pacific Northwest have the highest agricultural land values outside of urban areas. For more information, you can visit the below link:


Agricultural land values in the Corn Belt were highest in Illinois, at $7,400 per acre, and Iowa, at approximately $7,100 per acre. Western states with a high amount of pastureland and a high concentration of animal feeding activities had lower average agricultural land values.

Know the value of agricultural land

While the average value of agricultural land in the United States remained similar from the previous year, certain states saw gains. In 2020, Idaho saw the biggest percentage gain in agricultural land values, up over 4% of the prior year. Agricultural property values in Rhode Island increased by $400 per acre, or 3%, to $16,000 per acre in 2019. The most significant drops in agricultural land prices were in Kansas and New York, down 3.1 percent from the previous year. In the Corn Belt, agricultural land prices in Iowa fell 1.7 percent, or $120 per acre, while they fell 2.9 percent in South Dakota.

Rental Rates in Cash for Louisiana

Many farm operators rent cropland in addition to owning agricultural land. Rental agreements are typically formed in the fall of the preceding year; for example, the rental prices for 2020 were agreed upon in the fall of 2019. They’d be made at the very least before planting. USDA’s state-level projections of farmland cash rents for 2020 show an average rental rate of $139 per acre in the United States, down $1 per acre, or 0.7 percent, from 2019. Since 2015, when the national average cash rental rate dropped $8 per acre, this is the first time the national average has fallen.

What is the highest rate of Louisiana land for sale?

Lowa had the highest cash rental rates for highly productive and primarily non-irrigated cropland, at $230 per acre, followed by Illinois at $222 per acre. Cash rental prices were most excellent in California, at $439 per acre, followed by Arizona, at $275 per acre, in areas with significant irrigation levels and specialized crop production.

While national average cash rents were down somewhat from the previous year, several states saw more considerable year-over-year changes. Cash rental prices in Nevada fell by $57 per acre, a 35 percent drop, the largest in the country. Other Western states with double-digit percentage changes in cash rental rates were Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. Rental rates in Florida increased by 20%, while prices in Utah increased by 11%.

Final thoughts

For years, many had predicted some downward pressure on commercial land for sale tampa fl and cash rental rates in the face of a weak farm economy and low commodity prices. That was not the case, as we now know. Agricultural land is an attractive investment due to low-interest rates. Individuals, large-scale investors, estates, trusts, and other institutional owners continue to invest in farmland despite low-interest rates and limited turnover of agricultural land.