Why source water analysis is important?

The proliferation of private wells is increasing. Its use represents a saving in domestic spending that is very interesting for many families, but in order to use it well, it is necessary to have guarantees that the water is suitable both for human consumption and for irrigation. The water analysis service allows you to determine the conditions of the water found in the well and if it has any type of contaminant. Why is it necessary to do it, what to take into account?

Well water analysis service in Ottawa

First, you should know that the analysis of water in a well is done to find out if the water is drinkable or not. Physical-chemical parameters such as pH, conductivity, iron, nitrites, nitrates, sulfates, ammonium, presence of chlorine, as well as the presence of pesticides, metals, salts, the pathogenic characteristics of water and microbiological parameters are examined. All of them are determined by government authority, which establishes the health criteria for the quality of water for human consumption.

In other words, a sample of the water to be analyzed is first obtained and then sent to a laboratory for a professional and complete analysis. Once there, the test gives a series of results that indicate the information we are looking for, to find out if it complies with the regulations and the water is not contaminated. That is why in some wells the note “not drinkable” may appear. They are wells that do not meet the minimum required by current legislation and their consumption can be dangerous.

Drinking water analysis

These parameters obtained allow us to obtain information on the specific characteristics of the water that comes out of that well. For all this, it is essential to carry out this type of analysis, to know the situation of the wells at all times. Besides continuous monitoring and a study of the area, the experts even consider the water that accumulates near the well that could infiltrate and cause health problems if it comes from farms, fields with pesticides, industries or landfills.

Who can perform this type of analysis? 

In order to guarantee the microbiological and physical-chemical quality of the water, it is essential that accredited laboratories carry out periodic analyzes of it. It is that this type of supply can be affected by contamination derived from urban or domestic discharges close to the property where the well, cistern or spring is located.

Hence, an analysis of the water is essential to guarantee its quality, whether for human, animal or vegetable consumption. If you want to do a well water analysis, ​​know that at Nelson Water we take care of everything for you. Simply contact us and tell us about your case so that we can help and advise you. We will wait for you.

In the end

At Nelson Water, we have the specialized technical and human team necessary to carry out complete well water analyzes that guarantee its quality and use without danger to humans, animals or plants. We personally take care of moving to collect the sample for analysis. You can also send it to our laboratory yourself, always based on our technical instructions to collect the sample correctly.