Why Invest In A Building Shielding Technology?

Every commercial building requires protection from physical and cyber threats and menaces. Thanks to 3m 1170 building shielding technology that renders excellent architectural solutions. It helps to deliver security and protection to the occupants as well as the wireless systems in the building. Furthermore, building shielding technology also offers solutions to eliminate unnecessary solar heat and intense reflection. Different studies show that including shielding technology in commercial buildings can enhance the safety, comfort of the occupants, energy efficiency, and performance of wireless systems.

High-Grade Security

It is unfortunate that often private and sensitive information is stolen and get leaked from a corporate office building, identity theft, corporate espionage, malware, etc., seem familiar. Electronic spying is an aspect that the Federal government is aware of. Additionally, private organizations and companies are realizing that they are vulnerable as well.

Signals Within Buildings Leak

Wi-Fi, IR (Infrared), RF (Radio Frequency), and Bluetooth signals from computer devices, printers, mobile phones, etc., within the building leak out unauthorized via glass windows and doors to the outside. Beyond the building’s boundary, multiple rouge connections are tracking every piece of data, thereby causing significant security concerns. Commercial facilities must be safeguarded against threats and attacks on the building’s physical structure. This is where building shielding technology can be beneficial.

Improved Performance

A building without proper 3m 1170 shielding technology can experience low-quality energy performance. The equipment and tools used to enhance the wireless signals within the building also utilized high-level energy consumption, and the mechanical production of heat also increased. Furthermore, the unnecessary heat and glare during the day also impact energy performance negatively.

Energy Efficiency Influences Performance

The uneven energy coverage in the building is frustrating for the occupants and is detrimental to work efficiency. Incorporating DAS (Distributed Antenna System) as a remedy for inconsistent cell phone coverage makes things even more confusing for users. Including high-powered signal-boosting tools are complex and expensive, thereby can’t be considered the ideal solution. Commercial construction experts have gradually realized the importance of investing in building shielding technology.

Key Applications

Shielding laminates and films are also designed to deliver blast and ballistic protection alongside glass atomization control. This is one of the prime reasons why advanced shielding technology is incorporated in government buildings. There are multiple commercial buildings where shielding technology is seriously considered.

  •   Corporate houses of all scales
  •   Healthcare facilities
  •   Shopping centers and malls
  •   Universities and colleges
  •   Hospitality sector
  •   Detention centers and prisons


3m 1170 building shielding technology offers many benefits to commercial buildings. With the rise in cyber-attacks and physical threats, commercial facilities are taking advanced shielding technology seriously and investing in them. Incorporating shielding paints, foils, and films can decrease the leaking out of RF, IR, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi signals outside the building significantly. Thus, it restricts the chances of unauthorized or rouge wireless connections. One can’t deny that investing in building shielding technology is beneficial and essential as well. The best part about shielding foils, laminates, films, and paints is that the aesthetic appeal of the constructed building doesn’t get hampered.