When Should You Call a Plumber or the Water Company?

Jumping into a big plumbing job without the necessary knowledge may lead to catastrophe, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars in repairs as well as physical harm and significant property damage. But what happens if you think there could be a water leak but aren’t sure who to call? When should you contact your water utility provider rather than a plumber? The reply is, it depends on the circumstance. Here are some recommendations to aid with your decision-making.

For repairs, dial Purified Plumbing

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Is there a steady rise in your water bill?

You would be far better off hiring a plumber if you have noticed a gradual and consistent rise in your water bill and it raises the possibility of a leak in your house. Only leaks on their side of your water metre will be fixed by your water utility provider. Guess what it implies, even though the water metre is turning more often than normal. Most likely, there is an issue between the metre and your home. To fix it, you’ll need a plumber.

Do You Suspect a Water Leak Underground?

What if you believe subterranean pipes are the source of a puddle in your driveway? Your home’s lines or those of the water utility provider might be the source. By shutting off every water valve in your home and then examining the water metre, you may determine where the water is coming from. The leak is on your side if the water metre is still spinning, and guess what? Time to make a plumber appointment. The water leak is on the water company’s pipes if the water metre is not spinning. The best course of action in such circumstance is to phone your water utility provider and report this. In most cases, if you phone in a leak that turns out to be on your property, the water utility will levy a service run fee. By spending the effort to determine which side of the water metre the issue is on, you may prevent this and save both time and, more importantly, money.

Are You Afraid of the Cost of a Repeated Water Leak?

If the leak is on your property, are you concerned that it may cause your water bill to soar?

Not yet, so don’t panic. When you get in touch with your water utility, you’ll probably discover that the majority of companies will issue a client a one-time credit or, at the absolute least, a bill adjustment. When you contact, just mention that you had a water leak on your property and offer to show your water utility company an invoice from a plumber proving that it has been remedied.

Ask your neighbourhood water utility provider whether they would modify your charge for a leak. In the event that you do find a leak on your property, you may contact

Purified Plumbing at any time. Avoid paying an unnecessary service charge on top of the expense of fixing the water leak and the additional water used. Purified Plumbing is an expert in leak detection of all types and can help you avoid wasting time, money, and frustration. We’ll arrange a time for a free estimate and quickly fix your leak.

A plumbing emergency, perhaps?

Nobody enjoys having to cope with the unforeseen inconvenience and expense of a plumbing problem. A regular maintenance programme is one strategy to avoid having to pay for expensive plumbing repairs for your house. A thorough examination is essential to spotting minor plumbing issues before they develop into costly disasters for you. Many pipe problems sneak up on you. More than simply an inconvenience, hidden leaks in drains, sinks, or even underground water heaters may eventually result in structural damage. Mould may develop as a result of water leaking into sheetrock or plaster.

All of this may be prevented by having your plumbing inspected by a qualified Purified Plumbing specialist on a regular basis. Your home’s plumbing system will be thoroughly inspected, including the water heater, trash disposal, and other components.