IQF (Individually Quick-Frozen) is a method or mechanism of freezing food materials without damaging the quality and freshness of the same. This method starts by giving the coldest possible temperature to the food items right at the initial stage so that ice crystals are not formed between the cell walls of these items.

This process of freezing works very efficiently throughout and provides quality freezing to your food items. Also, this can continue for a very long time and till then, your food items will sustain in the freezer very appropriately.

Sequential Process of IQF

Following is a step-wise process of IQF that causes food freezing without damaging the structure of its cell wall and ultimately keeping the quality of the same intact for as much time as possible in the IQF machine:

  • Step 1 – Cooler Temperature at the Initial Stage

The first step of every freezer is to set a particular cooling temperature for itself and then start its automated working. However, a small difference between the other freezers and IQF is that in other freezers, the temperature of cooling is set to the minimum first, whereas, in IQF, the temperature of cooling is set to the maximum.

This difference causes a change in a lot of methods of the freezing of food items and that is why IQF provides much more benefits than the normal freezing methods.

  • Step 2 – Freezing Zone is completely Bypassed very Rapidly

Every freezing has a particular freezing zone in which the temperature of the freezer decreases slowly. However, for many effective results, the freezing zone of the IQF is bypassed rapidly and does not last for a longer period. This is because it has such conditions that provide rapid and sustained freezing to the food items and decreases the chances of their quality degradation.

  • Step 3 – Cooling of Food without its Food Quality being Damaged

The process of cooling of food is done without damaging the food quality and this is the third and most influential step of IQF freezing. With this, people can get satisfied with their food freezing greatly.

The complete sequence of the above process remains the same and does not affect the food adversely at all. Instead, it protects the convection and balance of food and keeps it fresh and healthy for eating for a much longer period.


IQF can benefit people to an unimaginable extent if one knows the proper use of the same. With fluctuating and imbalanced use, IQF can only cause problems for you just like the other freezing methods. It may not solve the purpose of keeping the food materials active for a longer time or may cause other unexpected errors.

However, as a whole, it is evident that IQF can provide a lot more encouraging aspects to the people as compared to their other normal freezing methods. Therefore, the use of IQF will be greatly beneficial for everyone, and availing themselves of this freezing method will be one of the best decisions of their life undoubtedly.