Ways to Choose the Perfect Height for Your Skirting Board

When you decide to install skirting boards, you need to consider various components. People want to have various styles and designs of skirting boards without making any compromises. Hence, they look for customizable options when the matter zeroes on the styles of skirting boards. People choose skirting boards based on their desired finish, length, depth, and height. If you have never experimented with skirting boards before, you might find all the options to be daunting, but you can always get assistance from different sources.

Things to consider

You need to consider several factors before you install skirting boards:

Consider your property’s age 

You have to be mindful of the property that you have been decorating or renovating, as this factor plays a huge role. Based on this, you will be able to assess the height of your skirting board. For instance, if you have a period-style property, such as Edwardian, Georgian, or Victorian home, you will have grander rooms with hard-to-reach and taller ceilings. Hence, you will have lots of wall spaces where you can work. In this condition, you should have larger skirting boards. To get more assistance visit this page.

The standard height of skirting boards

When the matter zeroes on finding out a skirting board’s standard height, you ought to follow the industry standards. You can also take references from other customers. The standard height of a skirting board should be nearly 145 millimeters which would be close to six inches. You will get skirting boards in heights that range from 70 mm – 350 mm. If you wish for something discreet and simple, you must choose the lower end of these height choices. To find out the right height of a skirting board, you need to consider its profile size. If you choose the profile of the Chamfer skirting board, you will find its height to be 37 mm, but if you opt for a taller style, you must begin to hunt for heights that would be close to 9 inches or 220 mm and above.

Exclusive designs of tall skirting boards

When you opt for a taller skirting board and want something that would stand out, you must get a style from the range of Tall Skirting Board, and here, you will get the finest fit. All the designs are great and cater to people who want to have a grand style. If you choose the big Victorian Skirting Board, you will find its height to be 96 mm, and it is far greater compared to the usual Victorian style, which is 51.5 mm high? This style works extremely well for people who wish to stand out but do not want a big flat piece. The height of the tall skirting boards begins from 170 mm and goes up to 350 mm.

Consider factors

When you fail to choose the ideal size for your skirting board, you can always visit this page. You can also take benefit of the custom sample option. While selecting the height of your skirting board, you must consider various factors, such as finish, optional rebate, height, depth, and profile, and they would assist you in your decision-making process.