Vacation rental property: how to furnish it

Investing in a good rental property is always a wise idea, and part of that is investing in furnishing. Very few properties come furnished, and even if they do, you’re most likely to refurnish it according to your own ideas and taste. Even though it’s not exactly the simplest thing to do, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your property.

Know your Target Audience

This one is arguably the most important thing to know before you start furnishing, even before investing in a good vacation rental management software. A typical mistake that people do is furnishing it only according to their own tastes. For example, if you’re accommodating to families with children, then you need to have things like a larger table and a children’s room. If you’re accommodating to honeymooners, then maybe a cozier setting with smaller furniture and romantic décor. The most important thing is to consider what your guests would like the most. That’s not an easy thing to know, but still, focus on the reason they would visit and stay. It’s more likely that couples staying for a romantic retreat would not prefer to have colorful rooms filled with toys.

Be Cohesive

Being cohesive means having a unified style across the entire property. That means aiming for a specific style, like rustic, modern, or eclectic, and sticking with it throughout the entire property. A cohesive property will always get people interested on platforms like Airbnb and, even after using a channel manager for vacation rentals. One of the basic pillars of choosing a style is your location. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to furnish the property in a modern minimalist way if your property is a ranch, for example. Sticking to the surrounding style is always a good idea, though you could add a pinch of difference if you’re feeling bold. Just make sure not to overdo it, or pick something that truly doesn’t work.

Always go for Quality

It doesn’t matter if the style that you’ve chosen doesn’t require expensive things, you should still invest a little extra for quality. That doesn’t mean you should pick only the most expensive of things, but rather, opting for furniture that you’ll be certain would get damaged in no time. There is a two-fold reason for this. On one hand, you’ll spend less on furniture in the long run, and on the other, people will spend more time looking at your property’s pictures if they contain high-quality furniture.

Be Multifunctional

A mistake that some people make is opting either for comfort or beauty. The trick is, your property should be both. Try to choose furniture that aims for both. Even if you have a usually unused hook somewhere in the property, try to place something that’s cozy to look at and comfortable to use. You’ll be surprised at the effectiveness of multipurpose furniture.

Rental property furnishing is more important than some people might think. It’s rarely a case of using whatever furniture you have on hand because visitors like to feel comfortable and cozy. That’s why investing in a good set of furniture is definitely the right thing to do.