Understanding the Issues With Frozen Pipes

When thinking of winter weather, snow and cold temperatures often come to mind first. To deal with this, people will turn on their heating units for warmth and bask in the comfort of the warm air. While they may remember to maintain these systems during the season, they might neglect another important part of the home- their pipelines.

The temperature often plays a role in how pipes work, and they are prone to freezing. If not taken care of properly, this can lead to extensive damage. To stop this from happening to you, you must be aware of the signs of frozen pipes and how they can affect you.

If an emergency does strike, it is best that you call in help from Towers Plumbing immediately. They will send out a 24-hour plumber in South Jordan, UT, to make your home up and run again.

The Signs of Frozen Pipes

Finding out if your pipes are frozen or not can be pretty obvious. For starts, water flow is much more difficult. Turning on your faucet, you may see that you have a weak water stream or no water at all. The water that does come through will also not heat up.

Another telltale sign of a frozen pipe is a musty smell. Because they are frozen, your pipes will back up with anything from water to sewage. These buildups can also cause strange sounds, such as knocking or creaking.

If you have pipes that are not hidden in the walls, you can take a look at them to see if there is any ice formation. You can also touch them to see how cold they are, which could be an early warning sign.


Frozen pipelines should be taken seriously and need to be handled swiftly. Your lines will become weak as they continue to amass more buildup and ice. You are likely still trying to use water, so that adds extra pressure to their weakened state. This will cause cracks that turn into leaks. When your pipes leak, this can cause water damage to form. You will notice discoloration and water stains on your walls and ceilings.

In turn, you may also begin to have mold and mildew growth as they feed off of moist areas. This can be a health hazard, especially for those who have weakened immune systems.

The worst problem you can deal with, however, is flooding. Once the cracks get too big or pressure builds up too much in your pipes, they will burst, and water will begin to fill your home. This will lead to property damage. Because the weather is cold, it can quickly turn to ice, too.

Prevention Methods

Thankfully, these problems can be avoided easily. Whenever winter time approaches, you should take the following steps into consideration:

  • Keep the temperature in your home consistent to avoid contracting pipes.
  • Open cabinet doors under your sinks to keep warm air flowing to them.
  • Warm up pipes with a hair dryer if they begin to get cold.
  • Keep doors and windows closed where there are unhidden pipes.
  • Get your pipes checked by Towers Plumbing.

Towers Plumbing’s technicians know how cold winter can be in Utah and want to help you avoid a problem before it starts. When you call them in before the first cold snap, they can help you weatherize your lines with insulation as an extra safety maneuver. Along with that, they can make sure they are free of any prior clogs or buildup that could cause you grief.

Problems do happen, and no one is safe from one. However, Towers Plumbing is always there to help its clients in Salt Lake City, Draper, and South Jordan, UT. They won’t make you wait for an appointment when something needs to be taken care of immediately. Even if it is a weekend or at midnight, they will handle it without complaint.

Winter can be hectic enough, so you shouldn’t let your pipes add to the source of your woes. Call Towers Plumbing now to make sure your system is as ready for the cold as you are.