Top-quality Concrete Sealer in Australia 


Among so many materials used in the construction of buildings, concrete has very significant importance and is widely used in almost every construction.   

Various studies and research conducted on concrete have revealed that despite having enormous strength, concrete is highly prone to damage, mostly due to surface moisture intrusion. 

Concrete, being porous in nature allows it to absorb water and other soluble salts which cause damage to the concrete structures. The breathing porous surface of concrete allows liquids to enter or seep in through the tiny pores leading to the formation of stains that may be quite difficult to remove or clean.

Besides moisture intrusion, surface scaling caused by freezing thaw, corrosion of steel reinforcements that are embedded in concrete to increase its strength as well as chemical intrusion, and alkali-silica reaction i.e. ASR may also cause serious damage to the concrete.

All these environmental factors can reduce the strength and durability of concrete and need to be protected by using the most suitable concrete sealer in all new or even old constructions for the longevity of concrete structures.

What are concrete sealers?

Concrete Sealers are specialized sealing compounds in liquid form that when applied can harden all types of concrete surfaces. A concrete sealer is used on a concrete surface to prevent damage to the exposed or concealed concrete from external elements. 

An application of concrete sealer,  by forming an impermeable layer, helps in reducing the absorption of water and intrusion of various other salts through the pores.  

Concrete sealers protect against concrete damage by closing or blocking the pores present on the concrete surface and thereby prevent intrusion of moisture, corrosion of steel reinforcements, and staining. A good quality concrete sealer also prevents the growth of algae and fungi on the concrete.

By applying an appropriate and protective weatherproof layer of concrete sealer, you can maintain the gracious look and add many more years of life to the concrete surface and structure.

Types of concrete sealer

There are many different types of concrete sealers available from top manufacturers like Tech Dry in Australia which has been categorized as:

  • Penetrating concrete sealers: are used on exposed concrete surfaces so as to protect them from erosion and staining. Penetrating concrete sealers are reactive and penetrate into concrete and form a waterproof bond that protects concrete against environmental factors such as extreme weather, temperature and UV rays coming from the sun, etc. 


Penetrating concrete sealer, by penetrating and getting absorbed into the concrete surface blocks the pores and is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, color enhancement, and stain protection. 

These sealers are further categorized and separated into:


  • Silicone sealers
  • Silanes sealers 
  • Silicate sealers
  • Lithium sealers


  • Topical concrete sealers –  these are film-forming sealers and have strong adhesive properties when coated on the concrete surface create a strong barrier and thus block the entry of moisture, spills, and chemicals to prevent the formation of stains and corrosion and are highly durable. These film-forming sealers can be:


  • Acrylic sealers 
  • Polyurethane sealers 
  • Epoxy sealers

Considering so many benefits of using an appropriate concrete sealer, one must aim to protect indoor and outdoor concrete structures in residential, commercial, and industrial constructions.

Should you require the best concrete sealer, contact Tech-Dry – the leader in the research and development of building protection products in Australia.