Tips to choose the best cement for construction:

Bricks are the building blocks of any construction likewise, cement is the bonding agent that sticks everything together. Without cement, modern construction would be impossible. Different construction works need different types of cement. There are a lot of cement varieties and grades available in the market, but it is hard to choose the best cement. When building your dream house, you should only use the best cement that provides you the perfect result. Let us discuss the tips to choose the best cement for construction:

Cement grade:

Cement grades determine the compression strength of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). Higher cement grade refers to higher compression strength that indicates an increased ability to resist more weight and block erosion. OPC is available in three different grades. They are 53 grade, 43 grade and 33 grade. Although for long-lasting buildings, mixed cement variants like PPC, PSC, and CC should be preferred. They provide long resistance and durability to different elements affecting building quality. Good cement companies provide equivalent strength when compared to OPC. These mixed cement variants operate on various parameters, and they don’t have grades.

Types of cement:

Cement companies manufacture different types of cement for various construction jobs. The types of cement are OPC, PPC, PSC and CC. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is a traditional choice for buildings. Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is a fly ash-based cement that requires a little more settling time but it is also strong like OPC. Portland Slag Cement (PSC) is a mixed cement with a low cracking tendency because it has lower heat generation during hydration. Composite Cement (CC) is a balanced mix of highly reactive slag and silica which provides better workability and gain strength.

Cement quality and packaging:

There are many cement companies that are available in the market, and it is hard to select the right one. So, you should choose a better quality cement and buy from a reputed brand. A cement company that has good reputation in the market with many years of experience always gives the perfect cement products. These reputed brands are also worth for money. Packaging is also a significant factor as cement tends to decay in quality if you don’t store it properly. So, the packaging must be moisture free and tamper-proof.

Logistics and availability:

The last but not least important factor in choosing the best cement for construction is availability and logistics. Cement is not a small or weightless item that can be taken easily from any distance. The availability of the most required cement at a nearby dealer and the on-time delivery simplifies the building process. You should find out whether the brands and types of cement that you require are available at the nearest dealer or not. You should check the price and the availability of the cement before you choose one for your construction.

Summing it up:

The above-mentioned tips will help you choose the best cement for your construction. Always choose a reputed cement company for strong construction. A strong construction is the one that lasts longer, so the best cement can only provide a long-lasting impact. So, choose the best cement that suits your requirements.