The Ultimate Guide to California’s Iconic Luxury Neighborhoods 

Convenience, safety and beauty – luxury neighborhoods provide their residents with comfortable lifestyle, plenty of amenities and great conditions to raise their families. California boasts plenty of superior areas and also some of the most expensive properties in the world, which is quite logical knowing that this state is home to America’s highest earning households. The Golden State attracts wealthy residents with its pleasant climate, beautiful nature and strong economy, which are able to enjoy extravagant lives with ease. Most of California’s iconic luxury neighborhoods are located close to the shore, but actually there are plenty of them all over state. Let’s explore them together and see the Golden State’s top residential areas.

Beverly Hills 

The neighborhood that is worldwide famous and surely one of the most iconic places in Los Angeles – Beverly Hills. Even though this it’s not the most expensive area of this city, Beverly Hills is home to the elite part of the population, mostly related to movie and showbiz industries. It’s located in the weastern part of Los Angeles, towards Santa Monica, this neighborhood is packed with luxurious homes that often have very famous owners. There are plenty of reasons why Beverly Hills is on our list:

  • its historic background
  • privacy and serenity that its residents enjoy 
  • accessibility to all the LA facilities, world-class dining and shopping 
  • the fact that many of the homes are owned by famous actors and other notable people from the movie, music and showbiz industries.

The real estate market of Beverly Hills offers homes of different styles and sizes, as well as pricing points. However, majority of homes are pretty expensive, making the average housing costs two times more expensive than the national average. 

Beverly Crest 

With average home price over $3 million, Beverly Crest is surely one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the area. However, paying the price surely pays off – this is one of the finest places to live in California. People love it for its convenient locationit’s close to the Los Angeles downtown, but it is still a bit secluded and provides peace and quiet to its residents. Parents who come here to raise their kids won’t worry about their education, as schools are top notch in this part of the city. There are some great private schools in the area, and the neighborhood is very safe for families with kids. The neighborhood has a population of about 11,000, which makes it the perfect size for a friendly, secure community in a luxurious part of Los Angeles.

Pacific Palisades 

Tucked between the ocean and Santa Monica Mountains, this affluent neighborhood surely represents true luxury. It’s one of the top wealthiest areas in the whole state, known for luxurious and polished homes, beautiful beaches and abundance of nature surrounding it. Residents love it for seclusion, peace and privacy, ability to go hiking beautiful trails close to their property and stunning ocean views right from their home. Majority of residents own their homes and pays attention to maintain them properly. This is a vibrant, yet peaceful part of the state which deserves its place on our list of the California’s iconic luxury neighborhoods. 

Carmel by the Sea

Another amazing area of California that boasts beautiful nature and luxurious home is Carmel by the Sea. Median home price is about $5 million – the fact that introduces you to the luxurious feature of this place. There are a couple of reasons why properties tend to be on the expensive side in Carmel:

  • proximity to San Francisco, one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world;
  • luxurious properties that perfectly suit the coastal lifestyle of the residents;
  • the beauty of the place – Carmel by the Sea is set in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, which makes it even more appealing and expensive.

This California’s iconic neighborhood has been home to many celebrities such as Salvador Dali, Clint Eastwood, Jimi Hendrix and others – there’s probably a good reason why they chose this place, right? In case you feel the same about this lovely coastal place, begin planning on how to make Monterey your new home the easiest way possible. Luckily, you don’t need to do this on your own – rely on professionals in the area and trust your relocation to a team that is familiar with this part of the state.  

Pacific Heights 

San Francisco is surely one of the most expensive cities in the country, but Pacific Height is something else. This iconic neighborhood is a posh area of the city with homes that carry certain historic weight in the world of architecture. Famous mansions, beautiful parks and high-end shops make this place desirable to wealthy investors who want to live in a classic San Francisco neighborhood that allows luxurious lifestyle and provides safe, high-quality environment for their families. 

Moving to a luxury neighborhood 

Once you decide to invest in a high-end, iconic neighborhood in California, be sure to plan the whole purchase process as well as relocation with safety being a top priority. Moving into a new home and transferring expensive furniture and similar items should be trusted to a reliable pro. Mod Movers California advise hiring a team you’ve got recommendation for, and that has plenty of satisfied customers from a specific part of the state. Wealthy homes are often the target of fraudulent moving teams, which is why it’s important to stay cautious throughout the whole process. 

The Golden State awaits 

Exploring California’s iconic luxury neighborhoods may put you in a mood for investing in a high-end property in this state. Even if you don’t plan on settling here for good, this purchase is always a good investment, being that California’s market is surely one of the hottest on the west coast. However, if you’re looking for a home where you’ll raise your family and develop your career, be sure to pick a place that is not only beautiful and luxurious, but also fits your lifestyle the best way possible. 

Meta: Go through the California’s iconic luxury neighborhoods and check the best spots to invest in a high-end property, but also find a quality home for your family.