For many businesses, especially those within the construction industry, articulated dump trucks provide the perfect piece of machinery to help with a wide range of tasks. Every project is unique, and we understand that this will provide a unique set of challenges and task lists. What can be guaranteed though is that you are likely to require the use of heavy equipment and machinery. A site dumper helps to reduce the manpower required to move materials such as concrete to and from the site, increasing safety standards and levels of effectiveness on every single project.

This essential piece of machinery should be something that every business owner in the industry looks at, whether purchasing brand new or used construction equipment that completes the fleet options at hand. It helps to have access to an articulated dump truck and other vital pieces of equipment and machinery to ensure that whatever project challenges and sites you are faced with, you have the tools at your disposal to maintain high and consistent standards from start to finish. 

Articulated dump trucks are also referred to as a rock truck, site dumper and articulated haulier. They are an essential tool on every construction site, providing the tools to move significant quantities of large and cumbersome materials, such as concrete, both within and outside of a construction site. This makes them essential for sites that are located in remote and potentially difficult locations, with rocky terrain. 

Even on the rockiest of terrains, an articulated site dumper can move around with ease and stability, ensuring that all types of materials and debris that need to be moved onto the site, moved to different locations on site, or indeed moved off site to create more room, can be done so with ease. Safety is always crucial on any site, and with a site dumper you can remove potentially problematic materials that could cause a hazard, whilst also providing the safe means to collect and transport materials without the need for back-breaking manual labour.

A big part of utilising a site dumper effectively is to understand its payload. The weight and size are important information as it helps to understand the quantities of rock, soil, debris, concrete, and other materials that the dumper can safely and effectively move in one go. When choosing an articulated dump truck to purchase, whether used or new, always pay attention to its size and payload, as this will have an impact on its use. As a company, you’ll have a fair idea of the range of weight capacities that are required on your projects and sites, and this can be used to determine the specific model of articulated dump trucks that are best to purchase.

Articulated dump trucks are designed to offer dependability and sustainability. This is why it is so important to purchase any machinery for your site, such as site dumpers and impact crushers, from a company that you can trust to deliver. It brings great peace of mind that you have purchased machinery that will stand the test of time and deliver consistency, high standards of safety and a reliability that is always required on any site.