How To Choose The Right Excavator For Your Upcoming Job

As your next project comes ever closer it is time to think about everything that you need to get in place before the start date arrives. This planning phase is the most important part of the entire construction process, as it is here where you ensure that everything runs smoothly, hits the tight deadlines that are present on every single project of this kind, and that budgets are met. One area that is vital to this success is your choice of equipment and your choice of plant hire company to furnish you with the correct equipment and machinery. If you require excavators for your upcoming project, find the right excavator hire through plant hire companies that understand exactly what you need.

Match the standards you expect

You’ll have a minimum standard that you expect from every contractor on site, and the tools and equipment you provide them must meet these standards, or ideally exceed them. Your excavator must match these standards, so think about the power that you’ll require, and the type of hydraulic systems that are needed for different tasks. This will help you when it comes to choosing the type of excavator you need.

Think about your site

Look at the site you’ll be working on and where the potential hazards will be. Are there any issues with access to the site in terms of space? This could make a difference to the type of excavator hire you look at. Mini excavators are a much better fit if you are struggling for space on the next construction site. They provide flexibility and greater manoeuvrability in the tightest of spaces. The weight of the excavator and the bucket capacity should also be considered, based on the size and scope of the site and the type of terrain.

Provide comfort to your contractors

The excavator that you choose must be comfortable for the operator. Choosing a digger for a construction site should be about more than the primary focus of performance. The more comfortable it is for the operator, the better they will perform. Newer models of excavators have ergonomic chairs and controls that are aimed at providing plenty of room and comfort to the operator without compromising the performance standards.

Excavator attachments

The beauty of excavator hire is that there are different attachments that can be used to widen the scope of tasks you can perform with them. An excavator is primarily used for digging, and a bucket attachment will offer different aspects of digging, ditch cleaning, grading and many other tasks. Couplers can be added to an excavator to switch tools with ease and speed, whilst rippers and hammers offer great flexibility for a wider range of tasks such as pipeline support or demolition. 

Understanding the different types of excavators, including mini excavators for hire, helps you to make the right choice when preparing for your upcoming project. There are different requirements on every single construction site, as well as different excavator attachments that can perform all sorts of different tasks. Whether you need a mini excavator for a tight access construction site or diggers to help carefully work on an archaeological site, working with a plant hire company you can trust will ensure you have the best equipment for the task at hand.