How To Choose Right Type Of Flooring For Every Room  


Flooring is one of the most essential parts of any home because as simple as the layout might be, it takes the right flooring to bring out the beauty of any room. Ready to find the perfect floor for every room in your home? Here is our guide to choosing the right type of flooring. 

– Room moisture level 

You need to use flooring best-suited to the moisture levels in any room. In bathrooms, for instance, you can use ceramic or porcelain tile, which has high moisture resistance, while garages are best paired with moisture-absorbing flooring like concrete. Wood and laminate are materials that should not be used in high-moisture rooms because their water resistance and absorption are poor and repair can be expensive. Nonetheless, most types of flooring can be used all over the house.   

– Frequency of movement 

Areas like the living room, dining areas, kitchen, and porch/garden in the house can be subject to heavy movement, which could result in wear of the material over time. When choosing the flooring for a room with high movement frequency, durability is the first thing you need to look out for. Flooring that is wear-resistant like laminate, plank vinyl, ceramic, or carpeting should be your go-to for a room with lots of movement.

– Method of installation 

If you want to DIY the installation, you need to go for a type of flooring that is highly beneficial and easy to install. With laminate flooring and plank vinyl, you don’t have to worry about a multi-floor installation process, you simply install the boards side-by-side. You should try out your DIY flooring in a room that is not in the view of guests, like a basement or garage, to manage any mistakes in the installation process. 

– Budget 

Your flooring budget is the ultimate guide to selecting flooring for your rooms. In highlight areas like your living room, you can use more expensive materials like engineered wood, premium laminate, and vinyl, as well as mahogany, for the flooring. In general areas, you can use more average-range materials like domestic hardwood and high-quality vinyl. Use your budget wisely and you’ll end up with the perfect flooring for every room in your home. 

– Maintenance 

Finally, the level of maintenance you can dedicate to each room is what should guide the selection. Plank or tile vinyl are the perfect options for low-maintenance flooring options, while solid hardwood and engineered wood require more maintenance and, as such, should be optimized with rugs to reduce the maintenance effort that will be required. 

While aesthetics play a huge part in the choice of flooring for any room, there is more to the selection process than going with what looks right. Use our guide to find the perfect flooring for all your rooms.