How Proper Roof Ventilation Can Save Your Home!


Proper Roof Ventilation: What is it?

A proper roof ventilation system is vital as moisture trapped inside a home can cause serious health problems.

Here are some benefits to roof ventilation


Extreme temperatures are not something that anyone likes in their home. Incorrect roof ventilation can cause your indoor environment to become unbearably hot during summers and cold in winters. Proper ventilation systems allow air to flow freely so that it doesn’t reach extreme temperatures.

Your heating and cooling units will also work less when the temperature is balanced. This prolongs the life of your heating and cooling units, as well as saving you money on utility bills.

Condensation & Moisture

Your attic is where all the moisture from your house gets carried up. Moisture is produced by showering, cooking, and even breathing. This moisture condenses on insulations and framing and allows mold and rot in. Mold can cause tuffets and rot can lead a roof to become saggy, which can reduce its lifespan.

Ice Damming

The roof’s accumulated ice melts when the heat of the sun and heat from your attic combine. The roof’s edges will become colder as the melted ice melts. Ice damming can lead to roof systems losing their life expectancy by several years. It can also cause damage to your attic or walls.

Roof ventilation has many benefits beyond controlling temperatures. A proper ventilation system can help you save money on your roof and the hassles of installing a new roof. Call us if you live in Florida for any residential or commercial construction questions. Roof ventilation isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

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