Frequently Asked Questions About Duct Cleaning

There are many misconceptions, myths and rumours that surround the practice of duct cleaning in Melbourne. Controversially, some HVAC technicians suggest that there is little merit to the practice of duct cleaning itself, although there is much evidence to suggest that there are very real and clear advantages to having your ducts cleaned. This article will attempt to dispel some of the misunderstandings people have about having their ducts cleaned by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about duct cleaning.

Is it Really Necessary to Have Ducts Cleaned Regularly?

The short answer is yes, but the caveat to that answer is, it really depends on how often your ducts are being used and for what purposes. For instance, the ducts in a commercial kitchen found inside a cafe or restaurant will likely require more frequent cleaning than ducts found in the home, helping to keep things running safely and efficiently.

Generally, duct cleaning in Melbourne for commercial kitchens and similar spaces will need to be conducted at least once a year in order to maintain the indoor air quality of the kitchen itself whilst also ensuring there aren’t any build-ups of grease or chemicals present in the duct system which could cause a fire.

Ducts in the home, however, may only need to be cleaned once every 2-3 years. In order to maximise the efficiency of your duct system, especially in the winter and summer months, you can have your ducts inspected annually, but they may not need to be cleaned at this frequency.

Are There Real Benefits of Duct Cleaning?

The benefits of duct cleaning are a contentious topic and often disputed amongst different HVAC professionals. The truth is, the benefits will purely depend on the type of duct system you have in your home or workplace and the type of occupants in that space.

There’s no disputing the fact that duct cleaning in Melbourne improves indoor air quality, which is an obvious and real benefit for those who suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma as well as sufferers of seasonal allergies. 

Regular duct cleaning will also spare your system from dust, pet hair and other pollutants which could lead to a system failure by overworking the components of the duct system itself. This could potentially lead to massive savings on repair costs in the long run.

So yes, there are real benefits to duct cleaning. The value of these benefits is purely up to the individual, but they can be quite significant depending on the person and place.

Isn’t Duct Cleaning Expensive?

Believe it or not, duct cleaning in Melbourne is actually less expensive than you might initially think. While this is good news for the budget-conscious, it’s also great news for the safety and well-being conscious, as ensuring the indoor air quality of your home or workplace is good won’t make you feel like you’re needlessly throwing money away. 

While prices for duct cleaning in Melbourne will vary naturally, any good duct cleaning company will be more than happy to work with you when it comes to your specified budget and timeframe. Duct cleaning will be especially inexpensive if your duct system is newer or has been serviced at a regular interval, as it will be in better shape and thus require less maintenance and care.