Everything Your Movers Won’t Pack When Moving Checklist

Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc., are just some moving items you’ll need to purchase. Planning a packing plan, hosting a packing party, and otherwise carving out time to organize and store your possessions are essential. Another option is hiring a local or long-distance moving company to pack your stuff. But there are some items that your movers cannot or should not pack. Refer to the following moving checklist to identify these items and plan how to handle them before the movers come.

Possibilities of Harmful Effects

Interstate movers often have a list of prohibited items and will likely refuse to pack any items on that list.

  • Oxygen tanks and bottles
  • More vaporous Matches
  • Containers for compressed gas, such as propane
  • Polish remover
  • Chemicals used in the production of paints and thinners
  • Fireworks

If it’s risky for movers to transport these products, it’s risky for you, too. Upon moving into your new apartment, you may buy fresh versions of most of these things.


Typically, movers will pack the majority of your food items for you. But you should think about whether or not it’s a good plan. The professional team strongly advises against transporting fragile items, including glass jars of food or other perishables, to your new home because of the risk of breakage, leakage, or mold growth during the move. In contrast, dry goods, spices, oils, and other non-perishables travel nicely in boxes or cans. If you’re unsure whether your movers will transport perishable food items, don’t hesitate to inquire.

Expensive Items and Important Paperwork

Regardless of your moving company’s rules for carrying clients’ valuables, you should probably keep them with you at all times. This is because, even if the movers were to pay for the items, they would likely be emotional possessions that can’t be replaced.

Snapshots of the clan

  • Treasured Jewelry Passed Down Collections (coins, stamps, etc.)
  • Important paperwork and cash (deeds, wills, bonds, stocks, etc.)

Always ask yourself these questions before deciding what to have movers pack:

  • Can we buy it again when we get there?
  • Would it kill me if I lost this?
  • What paperwork (passport, ID, etc.) will I need when planning a trip?

For a Stress-Free Move, Follow This Checklist on Moving Day

Sooner than you think, one of the busiest days of your life will arrive. How well-prepared do you feel? We have already done the work for you and created a comprehensive moving checklist covering every facet of your relocation.

  • It’s important to keep the paths clear.
  • Remove any obstacles, like potted plants or planters, from the front porch, walks, and drives to ensure your movers’ safety and ease of access.
  • All welcome mats and area rugs.
  • Rugs of every kind.
  • Objects that dangle from the ceiling at a low level, such as wind chimes or hanging plants.
  • You may keep the screen door open while loading by disconnecting its spring.
  • If you hire movers to do all the packing for you, make sure they have easy access to the truck and all the rooms they’ll be unloading from.

Emphases on the special

During your tour with the driver, highlight any particularly meaningful sights. It’s unnecessary to worry about your belongings’ safety because experts’ll handle them, but it could help if you took the time to highlight the most precious ones. Identify the containers you’d want to have unpacked first. Pack up the essentials for your new house, such as appliances, cleaning supplies, and toys for the kids.

At the very least, before the driver leaves

Before the driver leaves, double-check that you fully grasp all the documentation you must sign. Make sure the driver has a way to reach you at your final location in case plans change. Note down the driver’s contact details, including his phone number, pager number, and satellite tracking number.

Finally, know that there are some things movers cannot pack for you because of legal or other constraints. Making and reviewing a moving checklist is essential to ensure that all of your personal items and valuables the movers cannot transport have been packed. To further guarantee that all of these objects are accounted for throughout the transfer, it is recommended that pictures or an exhaustive inventory be taken before the relocation. Moving to Sydney? Reach out to the interstate removalists Sydney residents rely on at Nuss Removals.