Do Not Overlook These Factors When Picking Tiles for Your Home

Tiles are commonly used on floors and walls. They are available in different sizes and designs. Whether you are building a house or renovating a home, you may not know where to start. When picking tiles from a Club Ceramic tiles supplier, there are some things you should take into account including the cost and the tile material. Thankfully, your supplier might be able to give advice and recommendations, so you can make the right decision. To ensure you pick the right kind of tiles for your home, here are factors to consider:

The Size of the Room and the Tile

Your selected tiles can impact a room’s overall appearance. Large tiles often fit big areas such as the living room since they can make it look more open and well-ventilated. For an average-sized room, big tiles can make it appear larger than it is because of fewer grout patterns. But a small room such as the bathroom or laundry room can be overwhelmed by tiles that are more than 18 inches. Thus, you need to evaluate the size of the room you want to be tiled before you buy tiles. Small-sized tiles are suitable for kitchen or bathroom walls. 

Function and Style

The tile material can influence the kind of tile that fits a space. Think about the overall aesthetic you wish to create in a room. Are you looking to have a minimalistic, rustic, modern, or elegant room? The following are some kinds of tiles you can consider:

  • Ceramic tile. This affordable tile is easy to cut and quite durable. They can make a room look big. Also, it is compatible with any home décor and furniture because of its neutral shade. 
  • Porcelain. This tile can mimic the look of genuine stone, wood, or brick, without the maintenance requirement of these materials. Also, it is ideal for the outdoors since it does not freeze, break, or fade. But porcelain tiles are more expensive and harder to install than ceramic.
  • Mosaic tiles. These artistic tiles can make an accent in a room because of their availability in various materials, styles, and shapes. If you want to achieve a rustic look in your kitchen, you should consider mosaic tiles that include elements such as wood grain structure.
  • Natural stone. Stone floors are hard-wearing and durable. They can increase your home’s value, although they are initially costlier than other flooring options. Also, they require additional maintenance.