Do-it-yourself Mold Remediation Miami: Steps to Follow for House Clean-up

Mold is not good to have in the house. It makes the bathroom corners dark, stains the walls, and grows between the tiles. It’s an awful sight that feeds on and rots wet wood. Mold can grow very fast, and gets uneasy about getting rid of it. 

Mold is gross to look at; different kinds can cause lung diseases and are generally bad for our health. Mold gives off spores that can make people with allergies sick. Even if you cannot see the allergens, it can still negatively impact your health. 

Hiring a pro expert for mold remediation Miami can be a bit expensive. Therefore, knowing some DIY techniques can even save you huge damage. 

But before you do that, keep reading to learn the basics of mold cleanup and the right ways to get rid of it without risking your health or safety.

Figure out areas that are affected by the mold

Almost every home has a problem with mold. The right thing to do is to get them before they pile up and get too big. These molds are bad for your family’s health; as they get bigger, they get harder and harder to clean up. 

You can get rid of black mold with regular cleaning supplies you can buy at the store. Molds are easy to spot because they look like small black spots that grow into big groups. Bleach is our first recommendation to use for mold removal. 

If you put a few drops of bleach on mold, the ones that go away quickly are mildew. This is often found in damp places. Black mold comes in two types: mildew mold and dirt mold. With bleach, mildew mold is easy to get rid of, but dirt mold is not so easy. 

Be aware that some types of mold are dangerous, so if you have trouble breathing or allergies, it’s best to let a professional handle it. 

Start with a cleaning process to get rid of mold

Now that you have everything you need to clean up or eliminate black mold, we can start the cleaning process. You can start as:

    1. First, look for signs that there is mold. Check the moldy walls and use a screwdriver to open them up. 
    2. Make sure you find out why there are molds, which you can do by opening up the walls. 
    3. Use a mold cleaner to scrub the surfaces, and do it well. After scrubbing, you should let the solution sit for a while so it can get into the wood or wall. While the mold cleaner works, you can now clean up the stuff on the wall. To get rid of the moldy wall, use a vacuum cleaner.
  • For the bigger pieces, please put them in a strong trash bag. You can now wipe the mold cleaners after a few minutes. Don’t clean them. Just wipe them off and use the wood primer to seal the wood. This makes the whole wooden surface appear better. 
  • Once you are finished with it, you can insert the negative air machines to eliminate any mold smell. 

Things to avoid when cleaning up mold

When you remove mold on your own, make sure not to do any of the following:

  • You are picking the wrong cleaner for mold. Again, mold is not killed by bleach. It won’t help to clean mold with bleach. Natural products like those listed above are the best way to eliminate mold.
  • Not taking care of the issue of contamination. Here’s something important you need to know. When you start to scrub the mold off the surface, some of the spores will fly into the air. This means that mold can grow throughout your whole house. To stop cross-contamination, throw away all your cleaning supplies and clothes.
  • Not getting rid of the source of moisture. No matter how hard you try to clean up the mold in your home, it will keep coming back until you fix the problems with moisture. After you clean up, talk to a professional who knows how to get rid of mold to find out why your house has water problems or leaks.


It’s a good thing to know how to kill the mold with yourself. And you need to know what you have to do and what you have to clean mold for this project to work. 

Also, you need to know what effectively kills mold spores. You don’t want to waste much money on cleaning products that don’t do their job.

Still, if you aren’t sure how to get rid of mold or if the mold problem in your home is too big for you to handle on your own, it is best to hire a mold remediation contractor Miami or mold remediation marco island fl professional.