Do I need a roofing Metal Primer During Home Remodeling

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Sadly, most people disregard the roofing and forget that it’s an integral part of the home. If your home features metal roofing, you may have to paint your roofing to create an appealing look. A coat of primer will also put rust at bay. It’s an invaluable asset and is a foundational coating applied to metal surfaces before painting.

What’s a metal primer?

A metal primer is a type of paint containing different chemicals that bind to the metal material. It’s a base coat, and it’s main purpose is to offer durability and shine to the exterior of the metal object being painted. You will get metal primers in different forms; these include spay and liquid forms. A primer on metal roofing helps prevent rust and flaking of the paint, which is critical in harsh weather conditions. To learn about the best primers in the market, search online to find out more from prime manufacturing companies.

 Why use a primer on my metal roofing?


A primer is good for rust prevention.  If your metal roofing is being attacked by rust, a primer can help prevent the attacks. Spay or roll it and leave it to adhere to the silicone coating. It’s easy to apply and will enhance the lifespan of your roofing. However, if the rust has damaged your roof causing holes and gaps, panel replacements would be necessary. The primer will offer years of protection, but it’s essential to deal with the damages resulting from the rust.

 When should I use a metal primer?

Whenever you plan to paint a newly installed metal roof, a primer is essential. Your roofing may require several coats of paint if you don’t apply a primer before painting. Also, a primer will ensure a smooth and lustrous finish. And this is because it helps the paint bond well with your roofing material.

A metal primer serves as a barrier against moisture elements from non-water resistant metals. Without a primer, the paint on your roofing will flake, and oxidation will begin whenever your roofing is exposed to moisture.

What types of metals require a primer coating?

Not every metal roofing requires a base coating. A primer is necessary for metals exposed to the environment before being painted. Wrought iron, galvanized steel, and aluminum are all popular metals found in the home. Other metals include railings, trim, gutters, fences, furniture.

Also, aluminum doesn’t hold paint excellently without a primer. It will oxidize if not appropriately sealed. However, timber doesn’t oxidize and is usually used to coat other metals to prevent oxidation that results in rusting.

Final thoughts

A metal primer will shield your roofing against moisture and prevent rust. This prolongs the life of your metal roofing and enhances its luster after painting. There are different primers available; talk to a reputed manufacturer before purchasing to choose what best suits your type of offing.