Choosing the Perfect Architecture Firm for your Project

Building your custom home requires a large budget and a skilled architect. With so many architecture firms in Chicago, you might have difficulty determining which is competent enough to put together the house of your dreams. Sure, you could find an affordable architect and get better prices through contractor negotiation, but are you confidentit is worth the risk?

A reliable architect possesses several characteristics and credentials proving their ability to complete your project. If you want to ensure high-quality design and construction, check out the following factors:

Registered and Licensed

You will need professionals to construct your home safely and perfectly. Similar to how we scrutinize doctors and other experts, your architect must have the proper credentials to prove their legitimacy.Their documents also help determine whether they can practice their job in a specific location.

The architect must be registered and licensed with the local board of architects before they can work in your area.Always ask them if they are licensed and ensure they have the appropriate professional credentials.

Outstanding Reviews and Praise-worthy Portfolio

A reliable architecture firm will not hesitate to show youits portfolio. Be sure to examine every photo; it would be better if they couldpresent all sides of the property for better analysis. Ask the firm to also provide you with a gallery of photographs of their past work to see if they match your intended home design.

Don’t just stop at the portfolio; consider listening to what people say about them.

Many architecture firms have a website where you might find a page dedicated to client testimonials. These reviews from their previous customers can give you an idea of their quality of work, what it feels like to partner with them, and what the properties might have looked like after completion.Besides testimonials, you can also take a glimpse of the firm through word of mouth, recommendations, and looking at the houses the architect has worked on.

A Listener and Open to Suggestions

As the person who initiated the project, you should participate in many aspects of the design and construction. Hiring a team of experts does not mean you can’t take part in the decision-making. It is your home, and you should not be pushed aside.

While interviewing several architects, youwill likely discuss theideas and elements you want. In turn, your architect will discuss suggestions to make those a reality. But, often, the architect might get carried away and try to steer your requests away and push only their vision. While it can be delightful that the project’s outcome is great, you might find that several of your ideas have been erased from the picture.

You’ll want to hire an architect who will listen to your suggestions instead of pushing them away. An architect going rogue on the design process might only upset you, so if you notice they disregard your needs in favor of their ideas, then perhaps it is time to interview the next one on your list.

Finding the perfect architecture firm does not have to be complicated. Follow these tips to help you get started. 

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