5 Ways to Keep Your Small Apartment Organized and Clutter-Free

It is not easy to live in an apartment that is crowded one. Many people live in those kinds of apartments, and we can tell you, it is not good. We all have our intentions to live in a clean and clutter-free space, but we always tend to forget to clean or become lazy enough to clean ours.

Along with cleaning your whole apartment, there are other ways on how you can declutter your apartment. Continue reading if you are encountering the same problem because we will be showing you five different tips and tricks in keeping your apartment organized and clutter-free.

1. Live Within Your Means

Living within your means does not only apply in apartment cleaning, but it also refers to any part of your life, especially for your financial part of it. It is essential for you to control your finances and, in our case, apartment things to what you need rather than what you want.

For a home living, “living within your means” states that your living space should show to you what are the different things you can accommodate and have. If you have a small living space, this means that you can only have a small number of things wherein you can prioritize the things you need to live.

For instance, when you are buying a closet for your clothes and shoes, you need to know first the quantity of the clothing materials you have. From there, you can decide how big the closet you will buy. It should not be done the other way around where you will obtain a huge closet.

2. Keep Things Accessible

When you declutter your apartment, make sure that your things are easy to access for you. You need to make things accessible, especially those things that you frequently use. These daily items, such as scissors, utensils, lamps, and others, should be stored in easily seen places in your apartment. The eye level parts of your residence such as your worktable and so on, are the places where these daily items should be.

The less often used items should be stored in higher places. But even if these items are stored in the back of your space, keep it organized and labeled so you can quickly know where your things are whenever it is the time to use it.

Another tip is to put those items accessible from the place it will be used. For example, scissors are stored either near the kitchen or the workplace. This technique is more applicable to daily items that you are often using.

3. Use Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is the perfect kind of furniture if you are living in a small space that needs decluttering work. It is a combination of versatility, style, and function. Multifunctional furniture is the one that can adapt to the short area of your apartment and not eat a lot of space in the times that it is not used.

These kinds of furniture include wall beds that are used as beds but disguised as the wall for the time it is not used. There are also transforming chairs that are also used as small scale ladders for reaching something on your countertop shelves. Another example is a sofa bed that is used as beds in the night and can accommodate guests in the day.

The primary purpose of multifunctional furniture is to not become another piece of stuff in your apartment that will eat a lot of space. Instead, it provides different solutions for your apartment’s organization and decluttering.

 4. Optimize Your Space

Your overall space, even if it is huge or not, needs optimization to maximize its potential in getting the best function and storage from it. This tip is perfect for people who live in a studio apartment.

A creative way to optimize your space is to think vertically. Your area may have a high ceiling, and it can help in storing different stuff you have. You can buy a taller storage item and put the less frequently used things at the top of the shelf. The use of multifunctional furniture, as we said earlier, can take off huge spaces when not used.

For your bed, you can consider getting a higher bed so you can put different things under it. It can serve as a storage space for your items that you would not want other people to see. Lastly, for your television, buy one that is available for hanging instead of purchasing another table that will support it. It will give off an excellent space for the living room part of your apartment.

 5. Invest In Storage Unit

Lastly, you might want to invest in a storage unit. This tip is fit for people who have a lot of stuff in their apartment, but space cannot accommodate all of it.

The first thing you should do is filter everything you need from the things you would need occasionally. Those things that you would not need on a daily basis will be dropped off to a storage unit. The location of the storage unit facility is not essential if you do not have an item that needs to be picked up frequently.

When picking for a storage unit, check the features of the unit. For instance, if you are storing wooden furniture, you may want to look for a unit that has control over the climate since wooden furniture might be damaged because of an immediate hot or cold environment. Another thing is to pick the unit that is as big as the things you need to drop off. If you do not have a lot of stuff to store, you should pick the smallest storage unit available.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an environmentalist, there are companies like Maid Sailors who offers eco-friendly cleaning services to help you achieve a simpler and earth-friendlier lifestyle.

For many people, living a minimalist life lets them exert too much effort and thinks that it is not for them. However, living in a decluttered and organized space will be beneficial for anyone in the long run. These are simple practices you can do to make your apartment better. Just try those five tips and continue it for a more organized and more livable apartment.