Transform Your Homes: 4 Budget-Freindly Remodelling Hacks for Toronto

With the influx of immigrants and new homebuyers to Canada, has come a rising demand for housing. Consequently, homes for sale in Toronto are selling for higher than ever. This means the pressure is on sellers to make their properties attractive to buyers in this highly competitive market. One way you can do this is through a remodel – giving your home a makeover to make sure it is modern and efficient. But anyone who has ever undertaken such a project knows it can quickly get out of hand. Below, we review four tips to help you cut costs on your house remodel in Toronto.

Save Where You Can on DIY Projects

Expert Toronto real estate agent Joshua Bennett will tell you that you do not need to hire a contractor for every step of the remodeling process. Where possible, consider incorporating DIY projects into your remodel, especially if you have some experience. Contractors will usually avoid working with salvaged materials. So on the projects you take on yourself, make a trip to local stores and salvage yards and find materials you can use for your remodel, such as acrylic skylights and prehung doors.

Make Your Kitchen More Efficient, Not Bigger

Many homeowners believe that a remodel means expanding your home. But this is not always the case, especially for your kitchen. Experts recommend that you focus on making your kitchen more efficient rather than bigger – a step that can save you thousands of dollars. Consider replacing your shelves with long pullout drawers that take up less space and provide more storage. You can also upgrade your cabinets with pull-out pot trays, and dividers, among other changes.

Find Less Invasive Ways to Add Natural Light

Natural light is a major selling point for homes in Toronto. And in the luxury market, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors are a prime feature that homebuyers flock to. However, knocking down walls in your home to create them can be an expensive affair. Consider instead less expensive and invasive ways to let in more light into your home. Light tubes, for instance, that sit between the rafters can funnel sunlight into hallways, baths, and windowless rooms.

Leverage Your Contractor’s Sources

Before you begin your house remodel, reach out to your contractor with your plan. Your contractor works on many projects a year and has many contacts within the field. By levering these contacts, you may get materials for free that were going to end up at the dump. Many contractors will usually have the odd stock left from previous projects that may fall into your remodeling plan, saving you thousands.

Prepare Your Home for Sale with Joshua Bennett

If you are planning to sell or buy a home in the Toronto luxury real estate market, a remodel may be in your budget. The universal truth about home remodels is that the cost can really pile up. This is why it is paramount to enlist the help of a real estate expert like Joshua Bennett from the word go. Joshua has been working in the Toronto real estate market for over five years and has extensive experience in Real Estate Finance and Investment. Contact his office today for help buying or selling your Toronto home.