3 Reasons Why Your Drain Smells Like Sulphur and How to Get Rid of It

There’s no better place to do it than the bathroom in terms of taking care of yourself intimately because it offers every opportunity for you to have complete privacy and time to relax. But what if there’s a certain stench that plagues your bathroom time? What should you do about it?

What does it smell like sewage? Does it give off a sulphur odour? Does it come from the toilet when you flush it? If all your answers to these questions are yes, there’s only one reason behind it.

The most common reason behind the particular sulphur scent coming from the bathroom’s drain would be hydrogen sulphide gas or its production. In other terminology, it is called sewer gas. Know the three reasons why your drain smells like sulphur and what you can do to get rid of it.

#1 Why does it smell like sulphur?

The cause of the odour is due to the production of bacteria located in the ground or the sewage. When the bacteria contaminate the pipes, the water’s smell turns foul.

For you to get through the root cause of the problem, it is essential to determine where the source is coming from. Example, since water or the drain could emit a particular smell, knowing where to begin will give you a better scope on how to deal with the problem correctly.

#2 Always Find the Source: Water or Drain?

As mentioned, it is crucial to always find the source. How are you going to do it without encountering issues? Well, you may do some actual tests.

You may fill up any glass you prefer with water, preferably from the tap, take it outside and smell it. Please do it for a second time, but with hot water. It’s a form of an odour sample test. If there’s a smell from the hot water, it could be the water heater. If it’s both, the water supply is contaminated.

If the water doesn’t smell, it’s from the drain. Since it’s from the drain, different steps need to be taken to remove the stench.

The leading cause might be vent blockage as this situation interferes with water flow, drainage system, and proper pressure. You may try plunging the toilet that’s nearest you or inspecting the roof for any debris or vent stack opening.

#3 The Drain is Contaminated

If it’s contaminated, you should not hesitate to disinfect the drain. In this manner, you are trying to kill the bacteria causing the odour.

What are the steps you have to take? You may use bleach. Pour half of a cup of it down the drain. Other methods you could try are baking soda, only half a cup, and a cup of vinegar. The mixture is known to fizz, dissolve the residue, and disinfect the pipe effectively. To top the process, rinse with boiling water.

If you are unsure on how to follow the tips above, call a licensed blocked drain Five Dock plumber to have your questions answered and your issues resolved in no time.