3 Benefits of Split System Heating & Cooling

Choosing a new air conditioner for heating and cooling canberra for your home is no easy task. There are many options on the market, with features varying widely between models and some units performing far better than others. Standard and ducted split systems in Melbourne are seeing a rise in popularity due to their convenient nature and the superior comfort they can provide when compared to conventional air conditioners. Read on for three benefits that split system heating and cooling could bring to your home, and heating repair service greensboro nc.

Superior Energy Efficiency

When compared to conventional air conditioning units, both standard and ducted split systems in Melbourne tend to win out in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings. Split systems consume less energy due to their superior engineering and the use of smaller components in their designs. A ducted split system can also be set to cool specific areas of your home. This means that you’ll only end up paying for what you’re using instead of having to pay for the cost of cooling your entire home when you may only be occupying one room. 

The energy efficiency of a split system isn’t a benefit that’s only reserved for the budget conscious. For the environmentally concerned, less power consumption means a reduced carbon footprint, making split systems a great choice for anyone wanting to do their part to preserve the environment. 

Quieter Than Conventional Units

The relief felt by cooling off during a hot summer can quickly be interrupted by the blaring sounds of a clunky metal unit that’s struggling to even stay on. Conventional air conditioning units can be distractingly noisy. This is due to the often outdated fans and condenser components used in these units which can produce significant noise while in operation. On the other hand, split systems are favoured for their virtually noiseless operation. This is due to the fact that the components that cause disruptive noise, such as compressors and condensers, are located in the outdoor unit of the split system. This allows you to enjoy the comfort of cooling in peace and quiet.  

Ease of Installation

Standard and ducted split systems in Melbourne are championed by HVAC professionals for their ease of installation. Factors that drive up costs of installation are usually things such as labour and any work that needs to be done on the house itself in order for the installation to be successful. As a split system consists of only an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that work in unison, you don’t even need to have windows for the system to be installed properly. It’s very rare that a technician will need to do any extensive work on the house itself in order to install the split system; a small, unnoticeable hole to run a wire between the indoor and outdoor unit is usually all that is needed.

Installation can therefore be more cost-effective when compared to conventional units that may require complicated work on the house to be done in order to mount the unit properly. The systems themselves seldom take up much room either, so you can rest assured your space won’t be infringed upon by an unsightly and ugly appliance.