Wood Stains Offer Excellent Work In Interior Design Projects

Wood Stain (สีทาไม้, which is the term in Thai) is a type of material that is used on wood to prevent the wood from direct sunlight or water that results in damaging it. These types of wood stains are normally used for interior decorations, whether at home or in restaurants, to add a different texture. Once it has been applied, the wood looks transparent at first, and then if anyone is willing to give further coating, it will form a coating on the top.

How Many Types Of Wood Stains Are There?

There Are Three Types Of Wood Stains

· Water-Based

Here, the stain is mixed with the water, causing a transparent texture. Here, the uneven texture of the wood doesn’t get covered properly. It depends upon the coating as there is a limitation. This stain dries up quickly, so if you are willing to dye the surface, then an expert is needed who will add the coating to prevent unevenness.

· Oil-Based

Now this is something different than water-based. The brushes glide smoothly once applied on the surface and provide a shiny look on the surface. These oil-based stains do not dry up easily. It is used in furniture or railings to provide a glossy look. This is the most popular stain, and it penetrates inside the wood easily. Before applying, a thinner must be used to provide a smooth and even look.

· Varnish One

This adds an extra shine to the oil and the water-based. The process is the same. The thinner is also added to it to add an extra shine and glossy texture.it is also oil-based; after applying varnish, it’s mandatory to keep it dust-free or stain-free as wood in contact with water will make the texture rough, and you will end up polishing the furniture again.

What Are Its Advantages?

Applying Wood Stain does have many benefits, as it protects the wood from getting swollen or cracked due to uneven weather conditions. Not only that, it adds a shiny or glowing texture that lasts for a longer period if it is maintained carefully. No need to reapply frequently as it has a long life span capability. Most importantly, the water can’t get inside the wood easily because of the coating, and this prevents the wood from decaying.


The application of stains plays a crucial role as it has a lot of processes like brushing, wiping, and spraying. So before the application of the varnished one, the surface of the woods must be smooth enough to provide a glossy finish. Experienced artisans are needed to complete the work skillfully. They must have the idea of application when to apply, and how to apply so that the masterpiece will look elegant and sophisticated.