Why Is It Beneficial to Use Shower Filters and Why Is It Necessary for Everyone?

Quite often we have seen that our skin has turned dry after a shower. At the time our hair has become lifeless. The reason can be your walls and the showerhead must have been covered with soap scum and residue, even though you must have cleaned it many times. If this is the problem then you might have to find some solution for it. Here comes the need for a shower water filter that can solve your problem permanently.

Some of the best shower filters are found in different sizes and styles that fit directly into the showerhead. They help to filter up the chlorines, scale, sulfur, and many other impurities which can, in turn, protect your skin and your hair. The advantages of using a shower filter are:

  • It prevents the skin and your hair from drying out.
  • There will be less build-up of scale in your shower
  • You will get relief from hard water and other water-related problems.
  • You will save money as you would not have to spend money on creams and conditioners that help to solve the problem
  • It will make you feel fitter and help you fight any infectious diseases.

These filters have cartridges that are fixed to the shower filters. You need to replace them as and when required depending on your usage. You can check the website of WaterFilterPortal.com which is one of the trusted online resources where you get the list of water filter companies along with their reviews.

Need for a Shower Filter

Let us look at some valid reasons for shower filters being so important for you:

  1. Chlorine is used in the water tanks to keep away bacteria in our water. Their by-products are very harmful to your body. So, when you shower, the pores of your skin open up which can lead to the absorption of toxic substances in your body. Taking a shower without a filter can cause the absorption of chlorine in your body.
  2. It is said that inhaling vaporized chlorine water can damage your lungs. it happens when the unfiltered water is heated and turned into vapor which is then absorbed in your skin.
  3. Having a shower filter is important for pregnant women as well as their kids. It has been found that pregnant women who take showers or even drink unfiltered water can suffer various complications in pregnancy like stillbirth, premature delivery, low birth weight, and many other birth defects.

Whether or not you need this shower filter will depend on the type of water supply you have. If there is a facility that uses chloramine to clean the water then you will be in danger. Because this releases ammonia, which is also dangerous to breathe in.

Shower filters are anytime better as they have a Chlorine Removal Layer that removes about 95% of chlorine and other bacteria from the water. That is the reason you can be assured that this water is safe for bathing purposes and you got few chances to get dry skin and any skin diseases.