Maximize Positive Energy and Prosperity with the Best Vastu Consultant in Nagpur 

When we talk about the principles and tips of Vastu Shastra, we feel that they must be implemented in our home or office space as they help in bringing good luck, profusion, or good health to our lives. But if things are not like that, then it can cause many problems in your life. Vastu defects bring negativity, disease, and financial problems to the house, so they should be changed regularly. But there is no need to rebuild the house for this. By adopting some easy Vastu tips or hiring the best Vastu consultant in Nagpur, you can remove negativity through changes in the environment.   

Here are some of the best Vastu tips for your living space that will help to adopt lavishness and positivity in life.

  • You should keep in mind that whenever you enter the house, at that time, you should see the picture of the most revered deity in whom you have the most faith. Or this picture should be placed on the wall just in front of the main door because if we leave this place empty, financial problems will come into the house. 
  • Wind chimes are considered decorations, but they are not. Talking about Vastu and following it correctly results in positive energy flow in the home. As per Vastu norms, people suffering from Vastu defects should hang wind chimes with six or eight rods at their entrances. 
  • Experts say that a crystal ball must be kept in the office or home as it is perfect for removing bad luck or negative energy from the house. They are also wonderful to look at or are made of quartz. The supposedly pink crystal ball is for good relationships, the orange ball is for better finances, and the red ball is for good luck.
  • The easiest way to remove Vastu defects is to sprinkle sea salt on or around the house. Keeping uncrushed sea salt on hand can assist you in eliminating all negative energy. This salt, mixed with water, is also used to clean the floor. By using this remedy, you will start feeling better. 
  • It is auspicious to put horseshoes at the entrance of the house. It is said that doing so increases wealth and good fortune in the area. Positive energy also flows with it, so installing it on the main door is good. Just keep in mind that hanging the horseshoe in the opposite direction can attract bad or negative energy. 
  • Placing camphor crystals in different parts of the house is one of the best Vastu dosha remedies. People who have to face financial loss or difficulty moving forward should keep two camphor crystals in their homes. It should be changed after drying.
  • Every house has a mirror, but it is challenging to choose the proper dwelling to place it, because according to Vastu Shastra if the mirror is not set in the right direction, it brings negativity. That’s why it should always be kept in mind that the mirror should never be in front of the main door or that its reflection should not fall on the bed. Vist Concepts Architects for more details.