Know The Difference Between Hand-Knotted and Hand-Tufted Rugs

Hand-Knotted and Hand-Tufted Rugs

Rugs are the most beautiful thing that will make your home decor much more attractive and elegant. But most people are confused about what type of rug will be most suited to their home. The two types include hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs. They are the most common contemporary rugs people mostly search for in their homes.

Moreover, hand-knotted wool rugs are different from hand-tufted rugs. The differences vary from aesthetic to thickness. Each rug has its own features and unique quality that makes them different from the rest of the rugs. Thus, below you will learn in detail about both types of rugs and their differences.

What Is Hand Knotted and Hand Tufted Rugs?

Hand knotted wool rugs are also referred to as the oriental rug. The traditional expert women make this with the help of their hands on a vertical loom. However, knotting needs patience, creativity, and quality. It also requires the best skills and a lot of time to make the rug. Moreover, it is not a simple procedure that can be done within a day. The process may take about one or two months to complete the hand knotted rugs.

On the other hand, hand-tufted rugs can be seen everywhere. They are most common in use. They are made with an idea of a combination of ancient crafts and modern-day crafts. Moreover, hand-tufted rugs are made with the help of machines. All the designs or patterns are made with the help of machines. Its quality is best for projects where time, precision, and scale matter.

Difference Between Hand-Knotted and Hand-Tufted Rugs

One of the main differences between them is that hand-tufted rugs require less time as compared with hand-knotted rugs. Thus, hand-tufted rugs require less cost to produce than the hand knotted ones. Also, both have the best quality, but the quality of hand-tufted is more than the hand-knotted in the market.

Moreover, hand knotted rugs are considered to be of heirloom quality. This is because they are made with extra care that will help in lasting for a long time. But in the case of hand-tufted rugs, it is different. Thus, hand-knotted rugs are mostly used for commercial purposes, whereas hand-tufted rugs are used in offices and homes.


To conclude, both the contemporary rugs have their own distinct quality and features. Thus, you must choose the one that most suits you according to your preferences and requirements. Hence, both are easily available.