Is the lid of your Nutribullet stuck? 4 Simple Ways to Get It Unstuck

One of the most popular single-serve multi-purpose blenders for everyday usage is the NutriBullet. With your NutriBullet blender, you can effortlessly make smoothies, yogurts, sauces, and dips. A nutribullet lid stuck features a cup that is linked to the power base for activation instead of a cover. Due to vacuum pressure or sticky food, the cup that serves as the 0p[o09lid may become stuck, preventing you from using your blender when you need it most.

Is the lid of your NutriBullet stuck?

You may be unsure what to do or what caused the breakdown; keep reading to learn more! What happens if the lid of my NutriBullet becomes stuck? There’s no need to fear if your NutriBullet’s cup or jug (which functions as the lid) becomes stuck. NutriBullet uses a lot of electricity, so it’s probable that they’ll get hot while you’re using them. As a result, the plastic may expand, resulting in the lid being stuck.


The only way to stop expansion is to do the reverse, which really is compression. Put the NutriBullet in the freezer or run it under cold water for about a minute. When the NutriBullet reaches room temperature, you can easily detach the cup from the NutriBullet’s base.

What causes a NutriBullet lid to stick due to blending vacuum?

A NutriBullet is an excellent kitchen tool for making smoothies and other blended meals.It’s worth noting, though, that combining hot meals in a blender can be hazardous.When hot ingredients are poured into a NutriBullet cup and then placed on the base for activation, the air between the food and the lid heats up and becomes trapped since the cup is sealed.Because there is no way out, heated air builds up pressure, creating an airlock/vacuum that might either cause an explosion or suction the cup to the base, preventing you from disassembling it.

Is it possible that overloading my NutriBullet may cause the lid to stick?

Yes, putting ingredients in your NutriBullet cup beyond the’maximum’ line may lead the lid to adhere.Excess food may adhere to the screw lines, making it difficult to remove the NutriBullet cup from platform.To avoid the lid and food from becoming stuck, and as a preventative step for your NutriBullet, do not add components beyond the’maximum’ lines.

Vacuum Blender

Due to the vacuum created by the blender, the Nutribullet lid may potentially become stuck. This is most common while attempting to create a smoothie using ice cubes. If you mix for an extended period of time, the blender will absorb air and produce a vacuum. So, if your Nutribullet lid is stuck and you’ve tried everything to open it but it won’t open, let your blender finish its cycle and then remove the container.

Last thoughts on the stuck NutriBullet lid

NutriBullet blenders are the most time-saving kitchen appliances for producing smoothies and other liquids.All you have to do now is connect the cup to the power base.The NutriBullet lid/cup may become stuck to the base if used for the inappropriate activity, such as processing hot meals or overloading.