Is it possible to remove negative energy form you?

Do you think you are attracting negative energy lately? People are like magnets. Depending on what we transmit to the world, we attract one type of energy or another. If we are at a time when we feel that everything is going wrong for us, it may be a good idea to eliminate the negative accumulation that surrounds us and be able to free yourself from these sensations.

Steps to follow

The first thing to keep in mind is that our body works like an energy magnet. Therefore, the first step in removing negative energy from your life begins with yourself. We have to try to fix our situation, calm down and ensure that calm reaches our surroundings. To do this, one of the best techniques that exist is to do meditation. You do not have to go to a center to do it. Put on quiet music or opt for a guided meditation video to help you find your way. You can also buy Spiritual oils online and use it for better result.

Remove negative energy – Step 2

Meditations are deep practices in which we connect with reality, go inside ourselves and embrace ourselves again. But it will be useless to do this type of practice if we do not trust ourselves, in our abilities to change things, in our courage to change what we do not like in our lives. Conformism is not good in these types of circumstances, therefore, you must listen to yourself, understand yourself and be brave to turn your life around and live it as you like. 

Remove negative energy – Step 3

Nor should we forget that we are part of nature, we live in the same world in which animals, plants live, and although we have distanced ourselves from that primitive state of life, we must not forget our origins and our true essence. For this reason, a good way to remove the negative energy that surrounds us is to reconnect with our reality. Go to the mountains, surround ourselves with nature, spend a few days in a natural environment, etc.

Remove negative energy – Step 4

It is also important that we pay attention to our needs and take care of ourselves. Many times, the rush, family responsibilities or work mean that we cannot dedicate even a minute to ourselves, to our interests, to our personal care. This is something that you should avoid as much as possible because taking care of yourself is essential to be able to live peacefully and at ease. Make sure that at least one afternoon a week is just for you, to read, to go to the movies, to walk on the beach, to get a massage, etc.

Remove negative energy – Step 5

We have already said before that we come from nature. Besides being surrounded by plants and animals, we are also surrounded by stones and gems, natural elements that release and channel energy. In this sense, you should know that there are some ideal stones to help us eliminate positive energy and give us a little balance in your life. Agate brings balance physically and emotionally. Aquamarine stone helps to clear the mind and connect with the most spiritual part. Pyrite helps us overcome periods of sadness or depression.