Everything You Need To Know In Wall-hung Toilet

Wall-hung toilets work similarly to traditional floor-mounted bathrooms, except the tank is hidden behind the wall. This not only creates a more pleasing design but also offers additional benefits such as:

  • Space saving – A wall-hung toilet saves space. The actuator plate and bowl can be inserted into the wall.
  • Sanitary solution: Because the toilet bowl hangs from the wall, it is easier to clean the area around it.
  • Flexible installation – Wall-hung toilets are incredibly versatile. They allow designers and remodelers to adjust the height to suit the application. It is beneficial in situations where accessibility and mobility are a concern.

These benefits aside, wall-hung toilets are still in high demand due to their elegant and sleek design. Wall-hung toilets are smaller than floor-mounted toilets, making it easier to adhere to building codes. Some building codes require 21 inches of space between the toilet and the tank. Moving the tank into the wall may help to save as much as 10 inches.

How To Find The Perfect Wall-Hung Toilet

Before you choose a wall-hung toilet, it is essential to consider factors such as the maximum weight limit and wall construction. The national minimum weight limit is 500 pounds. However, the wall-mounted steel frame will have a limit depending on its design.

High-quality carrier frames can hold between 500 and 880 pounds, which is well within the legal limit. These are the different types of wall-hung toilets that you can choose from to meet your needs.

Rimless Wall-Hung Toilet

Wall-hung toilets are the most popular type. They don’t have a rim, making cleaning and disinfecting easier than traditional toilets. The rimless wall-hung toilets make it possible to clean the whole bowl without leaving behind any areas that could be breeding grounds for germs or limescale.

Short-Projection Wall-Hung Toilet

Wall-hung toilets with short projections do not exceed 25 inches from the wall. Designers can choose to use short-projection wall-hung toilets to maximize space. Although the projection is shorter, it can save space. However, designers must consider the comfort of users. While shorter children and adults can use short-projection toilets, they may not be suitable for taller people. This

The issue can be overcome by designers who adjust the bowl’s height to make it suitable for people of all sizes and shapes.

Elegant Bathroom Designs by Hera Bathware

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