Checklist To Ensure That The Your Vacation Rental Is Rented Out All The Time

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How to prepare the vacation rental for travellers

Multiple factors must be taken into consideration before you start to rent out the property of yours. Oftentimes, ignoring any of those factors can leave you nowhere. Here is a checklist that you should obey to make sure that the vacation rental is ready for the prospectus travellers.

There is a list of essential items which must be met by you since these items are very necessary for any vacation and they form the core of a successful trip. Travellers would be heavily relying on these and if you do not offer these amnesties in the vacation rental, then your chances of renting the property out can droop. 

1 Kitchen– the kitchen is considered to be a very important amenity when looked at from the travellers’ perspective. Vacation rental homes are rented by the travellers so that they may feel homelike. However, if there is no kitchen, they would be unable to do the most basic things like cook meals, boil water or milk, microwave their food, etc. 

These are the most basic functions of a kitchen, which must be taken into account by every person who want to rent out a vacation rental. Besides that, having a kitchen does not suffice. Having a kitchen with the basic and most fundamental appliances is equally important because having a kitchen without these is equal to no kitchen.

The most basic appliances are a coffee pot or a coffee maker, a refrigerator or a freezer, a dishwasher, an oven, a blender, a stove with burners, etc. dinnerware like plates, coffee cups, wine glasses, water glasses, bowls, steak knives, flatware, large serving platter and serving spoons too are a requirement of the kitchen. 

Cooking accessories like skillets, beverage pitchers, saucepans with lids, rolling pin, a roaster with a lid, mixing bowls, Dutch oven with a lid, soup ladle, baking dish, spatula, Purex dish, tongs, large casserole dish, colander, etc also come handy in the kitchen. And lastly, miscellaneous like cutting boards, slow cookers, pizza cutters etc are needed. 

2 Pantry– there is a general rule of thumb when it comes to pantry. Even if visitors will use a very small portion of their stay, then you should not avoid providing a pantry. If you miss offering some of the suggested items in the checklist, you must intimate the visitors early on. 

Most fundamental items include salt and pepper, sugar, vinegar, flour, cooking spray, non-dairy cream, basic spices, toothpicks, ketchup, coffee and coffee filters, mustard, cooking oil, etc. make sure that you manage to provide for these basic items. None of these items would be difficult to provide for.

3 Bathroom– the trick to picking up the essentials of a bathroom is to ask yourself about the basic needs in a bathroom. Make sure that you provide for those items in sufficient quantities. The guests can also have allergies and sensitivities which you must be aware of and avoid those things at all costs.

The most crucial items in a bathroom are toilet papers, liquid hand soaps, tissue boxes, hairdryers, towel hooks, washable curtain liners, bath towels (2 at least), hand towels, mini toiletries, etc. providing good quality and quantity of these items will make sure that your guests are happy and satisfied. 

4 Living room– just like kitchen, hotels don’t offer a living room. An ideal living room must have enough space for everyone to fit in and organise a small entertainment thing in that. A living room is considered to be good if it has a TV, a basic cable and a DVD player, card games and board games. 


It takes a lot of effort to make your vacation rental an ideal place to stay in, but if you are motivated to keep your rental rented out the entire time, these are the most basic items, which you must provide for.