The Orlando Laundry Room – Amazing Pick Up Same Day and Deliver Back Within 24 Hours

In Orlando, you can choose from apartments with washers and dryers included or communities with separate laundry rooms. Either way, you can easily take care of your laundry without leaving your apartment.

Hotels can also benefit from outsourcing their laundry to The Orlando Laundry Room, allowing their staff to focus on guest service and creating a professional atmosphere. In addition, the company offers pickup and delivery services, as well as strict hygiene standards.

Pickup and Delivery

Laundry pickup and delivery is a convenient service that saves time and energy. However, it would help if you were sure that your chosen company would care for your clothes properly.

The Orlando Laundry Room is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and will ensure that your laundry is adequately picked up, washed, and returned on time! Our expert cleaners will take the time to inspect your clothing and prepare it for the close-looped cleaning process.

We will also fold your laundry before it is delivered to your home. This saves you a ton of time and prevents wrinkles from developing. Many laundry services don’t bother to fold your clothes, which can cause them to get tangled and damaged.


The Orlando Laundry Room has an enviable laundry list of customers. Our flat rate service is a no hassle, no fuss, no stress approach to cleaning and refolding your clothes. The award-winning staff of four is on call around the clock to deliver a smooth and stress-free service that will have your linens fresh and crisp in no time. The best part is that we do it all without a dime. So get a free quote today! The Orlando Laundry Room is one of Central Florida’s most technologically advanced and cost-effective laundry services. The customer service team will be happy to answer your questions and give you a quote. You can expect a same-day pickup and delivery when you place your order.

Customer Service

The Orlando Laundry Room’s excellent pick up the same day and delivery back within 24 hours cannot be easily replicated. Other services will promise the same, but they might need help to live up to it. So instead, find a service that uses high-end detergents and treatments to get your clothes as clean as possible. And make sure they have COVID procedures to keep you, your family, and their customers safe.

Hotel laundry services are a crucial aspect of the hospitality industry. Outsourcing this task can help hotel operators save time and money while improving guest satisfaction and maintaining a professional atmosphere. The Orlando Laundry Room provides pickup and delivery services to hotels in and around Orlando, ensuring that dirty linens and towels are taken care of quickly and efficiently. With flat-rate pricing, a commitment to customer service, and the ability to manage a large volume of laundry, The Laundry Room is an ideal partner for hotels needing reliable laundry solutions.


As the recent Ebola outbreak has brought attention to safety issues in every industry, many laundries are increasing employee and customer safety. For example, The Orlando Laundry Room’s staff must don gloves and masks when bagging laundry. This proactive approach helps reduce exposure to the coronavirus and other germs. Other safety measures include hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes after touching commonly-used items.

Another safety measure is to ensure that chemicals and detergents are stored safely. This can help protect people from chemical burns and other injuries resulting from improper use or storage. In addition, OSHA requires that all employees be trained on chemical hazards that might arise in their work. Chemical providers can offer training materials, videos, and information on Right to Know laws and how to handle products safely. Keeping a fire extinguisher and emergency numbers posted in the laundry room is also essential.