Hidden Gems: Top 5 Things To Do While Living In Malibu

Are you looking for a neighborhood that will cater to your needs as well as keep you entertained all through? Malibu, a haven in California, is spectacular and offers a unique lifestyle vibe. Interestingly, Malibu CA homes for sale are uniquely structured allowing you to enjoy the scenic beauty of this gem from every corner. 

Living here guarantees you access to world-class beaches, and you’re likely to bump into some celebrities during your typical strolls. Furthermore, what you may not know is that there are plenty of fun things to do in Malibu most of which you can’t exhaust in a week. Read on to have a glimpse of some fun-favorite activities to dive into while living in Malibu.

1. Visit The Phenomenal Malibu Beaches

You will be surprised to know that some of the popular attractions in Malibu are beaches. Although Malibu has a reputation for being expensive, every nature enthusiast living here can easily access phenomenal beaches. If your favorites include surfing, walking, swimming, sunning, or other outdoor recreations, Malibu has plenty of options for you. At your disposal are the great El Matador State Beach, Zuma Beach, and the Latigo Beach which offer a welcoming atmosphere for anyone seeking to enjoy and relax.

2. Hike The Canyons

I suppose you didn’t know that there are huge nature trails just a stone throw away from Malibu. The over 500 miles of trails in Malibu are an excellent way to enjoy nature as well as breathtaking nature trails. Here, you will find various types of hikes that will help your body stay in shape as you traverse the natural beauty of Malibu. Hiking the Solstice Canyon Hike and the Santa Monica Mountains provides plenty of fun activities.

3. Browse The Malibu Country Mart

If you’re a fan of playing as you shop, you will fall in love with the Malibu Country Mart. Nestled in the Malibu Civic Center, this amazing spot provides space for residents and visitors to connect. You can choose to traverse the art galleries, and boutiques and enjoy a meal with your loved ones. The most unique thing about here is the playgrounds where your kids can enjoy swinging and climbing structures.

4. Explore The Malibu Pier

Since the 1900s, the Malibu Pier has stood tall as one of the favorite attractions in this neighborhood. Here, you and your beloved will enjoy delicacies, go fishing, and enjoy other water recreation activities. In fact, besides exploring the Malibu Pier, you can order some fresh from the farm dishes at the Malibu Farm.

5. Go Wine Tasting

Besides top-notch beaches, Malibu is known for an exceptional wine scene with tastings and tours. If you’re looking for a place to unwind and relax after a hectic day, the Strange Family Vineyard and Summer Somewhere will cater to that. You can also schedule an outing with Malibu Wines hike and enjoy the delicious regional wines.

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