Before And After 1960s Ranch House Exterior Remodel

before and after 1960s ranch house exterior remodel


The 1960s were a vibrant and iconic era, but when it comes to ranch house designs from that time, the exteriors often lack the charm and curb appeal that many homeowners desire today. However, with some creativity and effort, it’s possible to transform a bland 1960s ranch house into a modern and stylish dwelling. In this article, we’ll take you through a before and after journey of a 1960s ranch house exterior remodel.


The typical 1960s ranch house exterior features a single-story layout with a low-pitched roof, simple trim, and a lack of decorative elements. The materials commonly used include brick or wood siding, and the color palette tends to be muted. The windows are usually horizontally oriented, and the overall look lacks depth and character.

The Transformation:

  1. Roof and Structure: One of the first changes in the transformation is addressing the roof. Changing the roofline or adding gables can give the house more character. Additionally, consider adding a porch or extending the eaves to provide depth to the facade.
  2. Windows and Doors: Swapping out the old windows for new ones can make a tremendous difference. Consider installing larger windows or even bay windows to allow more natural light. Replacing the front door with a more modern or customized option will also contribute to the transformation.
  3. Materials and Textures: Introducing new materials like stone, stucco, or modern siding can significantly change the house’s appearance. Mixing materials, for instance, using stone for an accent wall or around the entryway, can add texture and interest to the exterior.
  4. Color Palette: Opting for a more modern and bold color scheme can enliven the exterior. Whether you choose earthy tones, cool greys, or even a striking contrast, paint can be transformative.
  5. Landscaping: Redesigning the landscaping is vital in an exterior remodel. Add shrubs, flowering plants, or trees to bring life to the front yard. Incorporate a pathway leading to the entrance and consider updating outdoor lighting for added ambiance.


After the remodel, the 1960s ranch house has shed its dated appearance and embraced a fresh, contemporary look. The new roofline and added structural elements like a porch or extended eaves give the house depth and character. With updated windows and doors, the house feels more open and welcoming. The combination of modern materials and a new color palette completely revamps the exterior. Finally, the landscaping adds the finishing touches to the house, making it not only visually appealing but also more harmonious with its surroundings.


A 1960s ranch house exterior remodel can be an exciting and rewarding project. Through thoughtful updates and renovations, it’s possible to take a bland and outdated exterior and turn it into a stylish and modern dwelling that exudes charm and character. Whether you’re planning to undertake a remodel for investment purposes or to create your dream home, the possibilities are endless.